About Hunger

As the US slowly recovers from the recession of 2008, more Americans than ever since the Great Depression are having trouble putting food on the table. In record numbers, children, seniors and the working poor have joined the ranks of those more traditionally associated with food insecurity … the unemployed, the infirm, the disabled, and so on. 

People who thought they’d always have a job or other source of income and would never need a helping hand now find they too are in need of food assistance. How could this happen in America, the wealthiest country on earth? The harsh reality is that times have changed, and radically. 

In 2009, Feeding America, the national food bank network, conducted the largest, most comprehensive study ever of hunger in the US. Food banks across the country, including the Food Bank for Westchester, participated in the study. The results, published in Hunger in America 2010 are sobering. 

Like the Food Bank for Westchester, food banks across the country are stepping up to meet the growing need. But the demands for food assistance have increased dramatically in recent years. From 2008 - 2010, the Food Bank for Westchester requests for emergency food distribution increased by 30%, and in 2011 requests increased by another 15%.

The Food Bank for Westchester has begun to meet the challenge for expanded services by relocating to a larger facility in Elmsford in early 2012. This larger space has enabled us to greatly increase the amount of food we distribute and the services we provide. We are grateful that we are supported by a generous network of volunteers, donors and other supporters to accomplish our goals.

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