About Food Bank For Westchester


The Food Bank for Westchester's mission is to lead, engage and educate the Westchester community in creating a hunger-free environment. 

Who We Are

The Food Bank for Westchester is the backbone of the county’s emergency food distribution network. We acquire, warehouse and distribute food to over 265 front-line hunger-relief programs throughout the county, including food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, senior facilities and child care centers. We provide over 95% of all the food these front-line programs distribute to feed Westchester children, seniors and their families who are hungry or at risk of hunger. We estimate that 200,000 residents are at risk of hunger at some point during every month. That’s why we keep working.

The Food Bank distributes about 14 tons of food a day - nearly 7.2 million pounds of food a year. Since we began this mission in 1988, the Food Bank for Westchester has distributed over 100 million pounds of food to feed hungry Westchester residents.

The Problem


  • Poverty and hunger increased at a faster rate in the suburbs than in urban and rural areas over the past 15 years.
  • The suburbs have seen a 64% increase in that time period vs. a 29% increase in the urban areas.
  • Today, one in three poor Americans lives in the suburbs – suburbs which have not historically faced this kind of demand and have not developed networks for support for persons in need.

Westchester County

  • In Westchester County, approximately 200,000 people are at risk of hunger or facing food insecurity.
  • 33% of those are children. There are 25,000 grade school children in our public school systems who receive free or reduced lunch. These children need food over the weekends and on vacations.
  • 22% are senior citizens. As our population gets grayer, we will see the  numbers of hard to reach “seniors in need” increase.
  • We need to develop and fund effective food delivery programs to reach the working poor and seniors who, because of physical challenges or work schedules, are unable to use traditional food pantries and soup kitchens.
  • Malnutrition and diabetes usually accompany food insecurity. We need to find ways to source and deliver more fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy products to all segments of the population in need.

The Solution

  • At the Food Bank for Westchester, we are proud to lead the charge against hunger in Westchester County by creating opportunities and systems that enable the public and private sectors to work together to fight hunger. We engage corporations, community groups, and individuals in projects that can positively impact the reality of daily living for thousands of Westchester residents.
  • We interact with 203 other food banks nationally that are a part of the Feeding America Network.
  • We are finding ways to increase the capacity of our network through education, developing partnerships, and leveraging our active volunteer base.
  • We source and deliver fresh, healthy food. We locally grow some of our own food for distribution and teach adults and children food growing skills.
  • We have specifically tailored and customized food distribution programs including: Kraft Mobile Pantry, Green Thumb, Kids Café, BackPack Program. These programs address issues of childhood and senior hunger/malnutrition and include educational elements.
  • We are rated by Feeding America among the top 12 highest scoring food banks in the nation for supplying nutritious food.

Food Bank Certification & Affiliations

  • The Food Bank for Westchester is the only food bank in the county and serves all of Westchester.
  • We are a founding member of the Food Bank Association of New York State and one of eight food banks in New York State.
  • We are a certified member in good standing of Feeding America, the National Food Bank Network. We maintain federal and regional food industry standards in all areas including: food handling, warehouse sanitation, inventory control, financial accountability, and monitoring of recipient programs.
  • The Food Bank for Westchester distribution center is routinely inspected by USDA, the NYS Dept. of Agriculture, Feeding America and the Corporate Inspection Team recruited from the food industry.
  • We are an accredited charity of the Better Business Bureau of New York
Who We Help
Children under age 18 years 33%
Seniors 22%