The Giving Circle of Lower Westchester Donates $71,000 to the Food Bank for Westchester

The Giving Circle of Lower Westchester Donates $71,000 to the Food Bank for Westchester to Benefit Food Pantries, Soup Kitchens and the Green Thumb Program

The Giving Circle of Lower Westchester, a grass-roots not-for-profit organization comprised of local community members dedicated to supporting hunger relief in the county, recently announced a record-breaking $61,000 donation to benefit eighteen agencies that feed the hungry along with an additional $10,000 donation to benefit the Food Bank’s Green Thumb program that gets fresh produce to families in need.

The recent donations reflect a sizable increase in The Giving Circle’s annual financial support for the Food Bank, underscoring the group’s commitment to making a meaningful difference in fighting hunger in lower Westchester. According to Eric Nodiff, Founder and President of The Giving Circle, “We have doubled our grants to the Food Bank over the last two years, and our goal is to reach $100,000 in donations by 2017. Thanks to our generous members, The Giving Circle continues to expand our ability to fulfill our mission to help frontline hunger relief organizations in lower Westchester.”

Nodiff founded The Giving Circle of Lower Westchester after reading about Giving Circles, a new trend in philanthropy, in an in-flight magazine. Nodiff, then a New Rochelle resident and busy executive, was drawn to the concept. “It’s always been important to me to give back to the community and to think about the well-being of others. I decided to form The Giving Circle because I felt that by combining our resources, we could have a more meaningful impact. Our group started small, and has doubled in membership over the years. Now we have over 50 members that are not only giving funds, they’re also involved and interested in the issues they are supporting,” said Nodiff.

In Giving Circles, group members pool their funds to support to a common philanthropic cause. The Giving Circle of Lower Westchester members all contribute toward grant recipient funding and one hundred percent of dollars raised go directly to hunger relief.

“We are so thankful for the support of The Giving Circle of Lower Westchester. Giving Circles are a wonderful example of how people in the community can come together to give back. The power of giving is an amazing gift, and Eric and his members are making a critical contribution to improve quality of life in the community,” said Ellen Lynch, President and CEO of the Food Bank.

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