Mobile Food Pantry

This specialized 36-foot beverage-style truck brings a "market on wheels" to underserved communities and has refrigeration and freezer units so that fresh, nutritious foods can be delivered directly to those who need it. In addition, we distributed fresh vegetables, harvested from our Food Growing Program and distributed by the Mobile Food Pantry.

  • Mobility: the Mobile Pantry allows us to serve food deserts - communities where residents do not have easy access buy fresh meat, dairy products, and vegetables.  It also enables us to help neighborhoods where no direct service agencies operate.
  • Flexibility: the Mobile Pantry schedule includes distributions in the late afternoon and on Saturdays, making it more convenient for working people to access fresh food.
  • Client Choice Distribution:  food is set up as a farmer’s market where people can walk through to select their own food. Adding to the dignity of this type of distribution is the high level of customer service provided by Peter Pozo, our Food Bank associate responsible for this program. This system reduces waste and increases efficiency.
  • Refrigeration: the specially customized vehicle allows us to provide healthy food options of fresh fruits, veggies, dairy product and meats directly to those in need of it and reducing the need for agencies to store it. Most local agencies do not have refrigeration capacity to accept large deliveries of perishable foods.

Want to see when the Mobile Pantry will be in your community? See the calendar below, the calendar will be updated on a monthly basis and during the month as needed.

Mobile Food Pantry 3/22




Host: Peekskill School District (Hillcrest)

Address: 4 Horton Dr., Peekskill

Time: 3:30-5:30 pm

Contact: Ana Bueno Deleon


Mobile Food Pantry 3/23




Host: Peekskill Community

Address: 840 Main St, Peekskill, NY 10566

Time: 12:30-2:30 pm

Contact: Nicole Dobson




Host: Fresh Market Distribution (Produce Only)

Address: Dole Center - 250 South 6th Ave in Mt. Vernon

Time: 4 pm

Contact: Nicole Dobson





Mobile Food Pantry 3/24


Host: Cottage

Address: 42 Bishop Wall Place, Yonkers

Time: 9:30-11:30 am

Contact: Vernon Brinkley (or) Vivian Malson




Host: Masters Helping Hand

Address: 70 Church Street New Rochelle, NY

Time:12:30-2:30 pm

Contact: Pastor Theresa Nochese




Mobile Food Pantry 3/27


Host: Union Baptist Church

Address: 311 Huguenot Street New Rochelle, NY

Time: 12:30-2:30 pm

Contact: Jean Anderson




Host: Ossining School District


Time: 4-6 pm

Contact:Joan Garone


Mobile Food Pantry 3/28

Host: Ossining Church Food Pantry

Address: Star of Bethlehem Church - 304 Spring Street

Time: 12:30-2:00 pm

Contact: Peter McCuen


Mobile Food Pantry 4/2

Host: Fresh Market Distribution (Produce Only)

Address: Y-PAL, 127 N. Broadway, Yonkers

Time: 12 pm

Contact: Nicole Dobson



Mobile Food Pantry 4/3

Host: Mount Vernon Community Distribution

Address: 141 S 9th Ave, Mt Vernon, NY 10550

Time: 11 am -1 pm

Contact: Janice Benjamin

Host: Port Chester- Community

Address: 19 Smith Street Port Chester, NY

Time: 4 - 6 pm

Contact: Lidio Solano/ Rossana Quichiz



Mobile Food Pantry 4/4

Host: White Plains Library

Address: 100 Martine Ave

Time: 12:30 - 2:30 pm

Contact: Mariel Perez


Mobile Food Pantry 4/5


Host: PAT Community Distribution

Address: Kiley Center, 709 Main St, Peekskill

Time: 12:30-2:30 pm

Contact: Danielle Satow


Mobile Food Pantry 2016-2017                               
# of total lbs. 2,220,347                              
# of distributions 395                                      
# of registered host sites 33                                       

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