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Program Highlights

Program Highlights FY 2013-4

7,200,000 pounds of food distributed providing 6,000,000 meals to hungry people (1 meal = 1.2 lbs.).

289,220 pounds of fresh food distributed directly to 43,001 people via the Rapid Food Distribution Program.

633,572 pounds of fresh healthy foods distributed directly to nearly 70,407 people via 165 Kraft Mobile Food Pantry Distributions.

269,189 pounds of fresh food distributed to 97,495 seniors via the Senior Grocery Program.

937,193 pounds of fresh, local produce distributed via the Green Thumb Program.

353,627 pounds of food was collected from local markets and other vendors that would otherwise have gone to waste through our Retail Store Recovery Program.

26, 273 BackPacks of food totaling 236,457 meals (9 meals per bag) were distributed to 1,684 hungry children for weekends.

136,963 meals served to 346 hungry children at 8 Kids Cafes before and after school:

  • 66.880 dinners
  • 14,784 lunches
  • 8,280 breakfasts
  • 46,019 healthy snacks

265 member programs received requests for food from 303,783 households.

Grants totaling $234,867 – for food – and $160,000 – for overhead costs (utilities, equipment, staff salaries, rent) – were collected and made available to agencies.

SNAP Outreach, Education & Advocacy Program:

  • Provided SNAP information to 1,189 people by phone.
  • Pre-screened 667 people for SNAP eligibility.
  • Visited 425 home visits to seniors and the home bound to process SNAP applications.
  • Reached 335 people via SNAP information presentations

The Food Growing Program at five partner sites planted, cultivated and harvested 12,667 lbs. of fresh produce for the season, the equivalent of 53,408 servings during the 2013 growing season.

8,747 volunteers donated 19,682 hours to the Food Bank so that others may eat.